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About Ballast

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Bred from the world of the professional athlete, our mission is to provide a concierge-type financial experience for hyper-successful people who appreciate the value of outsourcing their financial responsibilities.


We believe that having an experienced professional who understands every aspect of your life can provide unparalleled efficiency and advantage in every financial transaction.

Brian Bass, MSFS, CFP , RICP , AEP  , CLU

Financial Advisor, Founder





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One of the things I learned as a professional athlete is that to be at my peak at the Game - and to enjoy my life as much as possible - I needed to have confidence around my finances and my future.  

This was made much easier while I was playing, because I had people that handled my calendar, my taxes and my money. When I retired, I gave a lot of thought to how I wanted that structure to look going forward, and what I wanted to do for the next phase of my career. 

The decision was easier than you would think. I realized how much I valued good advice and structure on investing, and I set out deliberately and methodically to become educated on not only how to create and grow wealth, but how to access it properly to help fund a fulfilling retirement that lasts decades. 

I founded Ballast Capital Management to provide freedom and confidence to highly accomplished people in my home state.  My experiences in baseball and my passion for personal finance give me a unique perspective and skillset that very few advisors possess.  

I received my Masters in Financial Services from The American College of Financial Services and have earned several of the industry's most revered designation since I began my career.  When I'm not nerding out to the latest retirement planning insights, I love a great round of golf, Crimson Tide football, and spending quality time with my wife Jenny and our three incredible children.

My Designations





As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER  , I look across the financial planning spectrum. It’s not just about your investments, it’s about your total picture.




The MFSF program, an accredited degree in financial services, provides the tools needed to analyze, plan and implement integrated financial and life strategies to help you reach your retirement goals.




A proper financial plan is not complete without specific insurance needs being covered. The Chartered Life Underwriter  designation means I have specialized education in using life insurance products as part of your financial plan.




As a Retirement Income Certified Professional, I focus on what happens after you reach retirement - how you need to spend, save, and invest to ensure your money lasts. 




You want to leave a legacy for your kids and grandkids.  Being an Accredited Estate Planner enables us to help you do that in the most effective way possible by bringing various disciplines of estate planning together.